Sunday, October 25, 2015

Room For You

I can only tell you and try to show
The love i have for you that will ever grow
Deep inside me, the trust is there
Underneath layers and all the care
Beside the trust is a bond so true
That nothing can break or fall through
And with this bond clings my hope and joy
That i received from you, never to destroy
Since our God is faithful and the giver of love
Let our thanksgiving be sent above
And in my heart you have great space
And room to grow as you take your place
May my heart be open and ever tender
To the love you give and do surrender
I vow my love to you and hope to stay
In your love and bliss forever and today
Now, let our love be strong and forever bind
Our hearts as one, as well as our mind.

- Lisa Ely
Nourish My Love for You

Nourish my love for you.
Keep my heart in mind.
Stay your thoughts pure and true.
May you heart be gentle and kind.

Nourish my love for you.
Woo my heart with song.
It's me your heart pursues
And my love is more than long.

Nourish my love for you.
Feed me words of true love.
Give me sign or clue
That you love me, my Dove.

Nourish my love for you.
Cause my heart no pain.
For if this heart is blue,
It may never stop the rain.

Nourish my love for you.
Behold my heart and see.
Your love for God renew
That you may continue with me.

-Lisa Ely

Soften now, hard times
And be gone, thou past.
Let today be grief's last.
Be ever dry, river of tears.
Diminish now, pain that was begotten.
Awaken, thou happiness that was forgotten.
Evict Hell from all my soul.
Stamp out, thou fiery trials.
Die and bury all that defiles.
Come now, happiness.
Run to, thou praise
And remain worship, all my days.
Multiply, good tree
That in past was bare.
Flower and fruit that i may share.
Behold, now peace,
Comfort and thanksgiving
And receive gratitude for all living.
Pleasure; go to visit my Father's smile.
Holy pride, come forth from God above.
Embrace comfort, joy and love.

-Lisa Ely

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Go away bad thoughts.
Melt away pain.
I long to see thee no more again.
Hinder me no more, my fears.
Dry up, river of dreaded tears.
Die thou pain, from prior years.
Show thy face no more, i pray.
Bruise my heart no more this day.
Rise now, my spirit from chambers down deep.
Awaken thou Courage from where you sleep.
Be lifted up now my broken heart.
Let not His Holy Spirit depart.
Wallow not Self, in pity and sorrow.
For this day may be the last tomorrow.
Be still now Panic, and return to hell.
Now, i lift up myself from where i fell.
May the Wicked trouble me no more.
I pray my Lord, restore, restore.

-Lisa Ely