Friday, January 8, 2016

My Day With YOU

I rose this morning
With You upon my heart
And without any warning
Your love began to start.
Your presence stays with me
Throughout the whole day;
I am safe and warm
And so close to you this way.
We talk and i sing.
To You the praises i bring.
Sometimes, without words
We say everything.
Then later i lay down
With You upon my heart
And without any warning
Your love begins to start.
All day You moved me,
Forever to be shaken.
And at night You watch me
So that my foot will not be taken.
You are Father and Friend
Always to me.
From now until the end
Our bond will be.

-Lisa Ely

Thursday, January 7, 2016

No One Compares

No moonlight nor sun
Shines quite as bright an He.
And nothing here that calms me
Can comfort such as He.
No night or darkness
Can cover the light that shines.
No person or angel
Can love me such as mine.
No smile or grin is as sweet
Or kind as His smiling face.
No touch or caress
Can liken to His embrace.
No chorus or song
Is as heavenly as His voice;
And only His love and message
Can cause the hearts true rejoice.
No death or sacrifice
Can cover us like His Son's.
No saint nor sinner forgives
Quite like the Lord has done.

-Lisa Ely
How i Feel
(written on December 15th 2005 - being posted here to help others in their struggles.)

I can't stop the pain
But i know why its there.
I can't hide the tears
But this i will share :
When one is wronged
And made to feel guilt
It tears down the the love that was built.
The foundation cracks
And falls to the ground.
Crying is the way it sounds.
In an instant it's gone
And all that remains,
Is a broken heart and sorrows pain.
What can you say or do
To make it alright?
There's nothing to be done;
At least not tonight.
Get over it they say
But not easy to do.
The Lord will repay;
He can see me and YOU.

-Lisa Ely

Sunday, December 6, 2015

To Ask in His Presence

Holy Spirit, have Your way.
You are welcome forever and today.

Live inside me, forever to dwell.
Purge me from sin that may lead me to hell.

Speak to me as loud as you can.
Listen for me, oh, Son of Man.

Enter my dreams, when i am not awake.
Overwhelm my soul 'til i feel myself quake

-Lisa Ely
He Mends

My Savior's love
Surrounds my heart,
Mending it slowly,
Never to come apart.

Almost as if Jesus
Is hugging me tight.
Speaking to me
And showing His light.

Die my stubbornness!
Die my pain.
Help me to forgive
With only love to gain.

Pass over me now,
Pity and sorrow.
Happiness enter
Into my tomorrow.

-Lisa Ely

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Morning with You, My Love

A Morning with You, My Love

One early morn,
In the wee hours,
As the dew dropped on the moonflowers,
I awoke and beheld thy sleeping eyes,
As the night sang to you it's lullabies.
I pray i hear no greater sound
Then to hear the sigh of my Love,
To whom i am bound.
If there be a sound for dawn
It could sound no sweeter than when you yawn.
And it shames the Sun at it's rise
When compared to the waking of thy eyes.
There is not much more joy greater than this:
When you awaken and give me the day's first kiss!

-Lisa Ely

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Room For You

I can only tell you and try to show
The love i have for you that will ever grow
Deep inside me, the trust is there
Underneath layers and all the care
Beside the trust is a bond so true
That nothing can break or fall through
And with this bond clings my hope and joy
That i received from you, never to destroy
Since our God is faithful and the giver of love
Let our thanksgiving be sent above
And in my heart you have great space
And room to grow as you take your place
May my heart be open and ever tender
To the love you give and do surrender
I vow my love to you and hope to stay
In your love and bliss forever and today
Now, let our love be strong and forever bind
Our hearts as one, as well as our mind.

- Lisa Ely