Sunday, December 6, 2015

To Ask in His Presence

Holy Spirit, have Your way.
You are welcome forever and today.

Live inside me, forever to dwell.
Purge me from sin that may lead me to hell.

Speak to me as loud as you can.
Listen for me, oh, Son of Man.

Enter my dreams, when i am not awake.
Overwhelm my soul 'til i feel myself quake

-Lisa Ely
He Mends

My Savior's love
Surrounds my heart,
Mending it slowly,
Never to come apart.

Almost as if Jesus
Is hugging me tight.
Speaking to me
And showing His light.

Die my stubbornness!
Die my pain.
Help me to forgive
With only love to gain.

Pass over me now,
Pity and sorrow.
Happiness enter
Into my tomorrow.

-Lisa Ely