Sunday, July 26, 2015

I Will Not Be Content

My eyes will not be content
Until they behold His face.
My ears will not be content
Until they hear His voice.
My spirit will not be content
Until it feel His love towards me.
My hands will not be content
Until they touch the streets of His kingdom.
My body will not be content
Until His touch heals it.
My mind will not be content
Until He gives it peace.
I will not be content
Until I live these things.

-Lisa Ely

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Promise

Our King shall return
To rule and bless His people.
His throne will be higher
Than any church steeple.
His face will shine and illuminate our land.
He will rule with a strong but gentle hand.
Oh, yes, He will return that day,
Embracing us while wiping tears away.
Happiness shall cover all the Earth,
Ass we thank the Father for our rebirth.
'Sing to Him! Sing!' I will shout.
Thank God for the end of unbelief and doubt.
Open you arms and greet all your brethren,
For now you are home, a citizen of Heaven.

-Lisa Ely
Dear Holy Spirit
(a song after becoming born again)

Dear Holy Spirit,
I pray this night,

Come live in me,
With your light so bright.

Teach me to love you,
And draw me nigh.

Dear Holy Spirit,
Hear my heart's cry.

-Lisa Ely

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Let Us Come Together

Let us come together
To the Spirit that gives us life;
To the same Spirit that binds us
And destroys our strife.
Let us drink His Spirit in
Like water from on high.
Let us be empowered within,
Let us praise the One who came to die.
Let us open mouth and heart
To the only God above.
Let us learn hatred no more
And worship the only God of Love.

-Lisa Ely

Monday, July 6, 2015

A Letter to Orphans, to the Little Ones

Loving your near
And loving you far.
Longing to hold you in my arms:
Wanting and waiting
Just to tell you of Him...
The Son of God,
And also your big brother : Jesus.
Maybe my tears will fall down as seeds
And grow some joy to send
To all children without
MOM and DAD.
I dare not call you orphans,
For God is you Father
Who truly loves you
And waits for you.
So follows the footsteps of Jesus
Home, Little Ones.
Home to a loving Father and a heaven full of parents.
I am loving you near,
I am loving you far.
In spirit, i hold you in my arms.

-Lisa D. Ely