Tuesday, September 29, 2015

To my Love of 17 Years

Is it a color,
Feeling its way thru me?
I cannot tell what hue.
All I know is it feels so lovely,
Like my heart feels with you.
What music could be written
That would have a sound
As beautiful as the voice 
Of the Love i found?
Sometimes there are no words dealt
That can explain the way your kiss felt.
I sigh with love as colors fly right thru,
And can never sleep lest next to you.  

-Lisa Ely  <3

Sunday, September 13, 2015

(this is me, welcoming the grief in my life from time to time)

Let me brace for the pain
Let the tears come
See my hearts new stain
Hurt and sadness? There is some
For this is where strength begins
I will cry so long
Through my highs and lows, my outs and ins
May God hear my sad song
My heart, Lord, it is breaking
Better to do your work now
My heart Lord, is aching
But you will mend it somehow
Where is my trust, a rock so steady?
Broken into bits
Lord, now my heart is ready
High the Lord sits
And lower i lay
On His high and exalted throne
Looking down on me this day
All on my own
I seem to be
With these tears i have sown
I will reap victory

-  Lisa Ely