Sunday, December 6, 2015

To Ask in His Presence

Holy Spirit, have Your way.
You are welcome forever and today.

Live inside me, forever to dwell.
Purge me from sin that may lead me to hell.

Speak to me as loud as you can.
Listen for me, oh, Son of Man.

Enter my dreams, when i am not awake.
Overwhelm my soul 'til i feel myself quake

-Lisa Ely
He Mends

My Savior's love
Surrounds my heart,
Mending it slowly,
Never to come apart.

Almost as if Jesus
Is hugging me tight.
Speaking to me
And showing His light.

Die my stubbornness!
Die my pain.
Help me to forgive
With only love to gain.

Pass over me now,
Pity and sorrow.
Happiness enter
Into my tomorrow.

-Lisa Ely

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Morning with You, My Love

A Morning with You, My Love

One early morn,
In the wee hours,
As the dew dropped on the moonflowers,
I awoke and beheld thy sleeping eyes,
As the night sang to you it's lullabies.
I pray i hear no greater sound
Then to hear the sigh of my Love,
To whom i am bound.
If there be a sound for dawn
It could sound no sweeter than when you yawn.
And it shames the Sun at it's rise
When compared to the waking of thy eyes.
There is not much more joy greater than this:
When you awaken and give me the day's first kiss!

-Lisa Ely

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Room For You

I can only tell you and try to show
The love i have for you that will ever grow
Deep inside me, the trust is there
Underneath layers and all the care
Beside the trust is a bond so true
That nothing can break or fall through
And with this bond clings my hope and joy
That i received from you, never to destroy
Since our God is faithful and the giver of love
Let our thanksgiving be sent above
And in my heart you have great space
And room to grow as you take your place
May my heart be open and ever tender
To the love you give and do surrender
I vow my love to you and hope to stay
In your love and bliss forever and today
Now, let our love be strong and forever bind
Our hearts as one, as well as our mind.

- Lisa Ely
Nourish My Love for You

Nourish my love for you.
Keep my heart in mind.
Stay your thoughts pure and true.
May you heart be gentle and kind.

Nourish my love for you.
Woo my heart with song.
It's me your heart pursues
And my love is more than long.

Nourish my love for you.
Feed me words of true love.
Give me sign or clue
That you love me, my Dove.

Nourish my love for you.
Cause my heart no pain.
For if this heart is blue,
It may never stop the rain.

Nourish my love for you.
Behold my heart and see.
Your love for God renew
That you may continue with me.

-Lisa Ely

Soften now, hard times
And be gone, thou past.
Let today be grief's last.
Be ever dry, river of tears.
Diminish now, pain that was begotten.
Awaken, thou happiness that was forgotten.
Evict Hell from all my soul.
Stamp out, thou fiery trials.
Die and bury all that defiles.
Come now, happiness.
Run to, thou praise
And remain worship, all my days.
Multiply, good tree
That in past was bare.
Flower and fruit that i may share.
Behold, now peace,
Comfort and thanksgiving
And receive gratitude for all living.
Pleasure; go to visit my Father's smile.
Holy pride, come forth from God above.
Embrace comfort, joy and love.

-Lisa Ely

Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Go away bad thoughts.
Melt away pain.
I long to see thee no more again.
Hinder me no more, my fears.
Dry up, river of dreaded tears.
Die thou pain, from prior years.
Show thy face no more, i pray.
Bruise my heart no more this day.
Rise now, my spirit from chambers down deep.
Awaken thou Courage from where you sleep.
Be lifted up now my broken heart.
Let not His Holy Spirit depart.
Wallow not Self, in pity and sorrow.
For this day may be the last tomorrow.
Be still now Panic, and return to hell.
Now, i lift up myself from where i fell.
May the Wicked trouble me no more.
I pray my Lord, restore, restore.

-Lisa Ely

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

To my Love of 17 Years

Is it a color,
Feeling its way thru me?
I cannot tell what hue.
All I know is it feels so lovely,
Like my heart feels with you.
What music could be written
That would have a sound
As beautiful as the voice 
Of the Love i found?
Sometimes there are no words dealt
That can explain the way your kiss felt.
I sigh with love as colors fly right thru,
And can never sleep lest next to you.  

-Lisa Ely  <3

Sunday, September 13, 2015

(this is me, welcoming the grief in my life from time to time)

Let me brace for the pain
Let the tears come
See my hearts new stain
Hurt and sadness? There is some
For this is where strength begins
I will cry so long
Through my highs and lows, my outs and ins
May God hear my sad song
My heart, Lord, it is breaking
Better to do your work now
My heart Lord, is aching
But you will mend it somehow
Where is my trust, a rock so steady?
Broken into bits
Lord, now my heart is ready
High the Lord sits
And lower i lay
On His high and exalted throne
Looking down on me this day
All on my own
I seem to be
With these tears i have sown
I will reap victory

-  Lisa Ely

Monday, August 31, 2015

My Heart is a Garden

My heart is a garden
Where Jesus and i walk
We ponder the meaning of each flower
We listen and we talk
Some flowers were planted years before
And some flowers are new and rare
Some flowers need hardly anything
But others need much care
My mother planted love and prayer
And they multiplied into compassion
Others planted patience and values some call old fashion
Jesus waters them all, the old and new
I am ready to work when He calls
Even when the sky isn't blue
Envy, pride and weeds like those
Are pulled out by the root
We plant self-discipline and
Whatever Jesus says will suit
This garden needs us daily
It is in God's safekeeping
My heart is a garden
It is watered by my weeping

- Lisa Ely
This is My Prayer
( a prayer for myself )

Lord, let your word be my bread,
And your spirit, my water.
Let your arms be my bed.
Let your words be my thoughts.
Let your peace be my comfort,
And may your song be my joy.
Let all lies be as silent as the breeze,
And may your words be as thunder
To my ears and heart.
And now, let me rest and glow with 
The power of His love,
That shines on me like sunlight.
I will bathe in His fountain,
And i will be clean.
For He is my God and His son is my King.

In Christ's Name,

- Lisa Ely

Sunday, August 30, 2015

I Share a Secret

( A poem written about the time i sneaked off to the beach with Hubby, who was then my boyfriend. )

I share a secret.
Please, don't tell!
(We went to the beach.)
I went with the one i love so well,
Now, i blush just like a peach.
Just one mention of sand or shell,
I giggle with delight.
I share a secret,
Please, don't tell;
Let's go again tonight!!

-Lisa Ely

Sunday, August 23, 2015

I Thought an Angel Stood Before Me
(A poem i wrote about what it was like for me the first time i ever met my Husband)

I thought an angel stood before me
And showed his adoring face.
When i realized, when i could see,
He was a man walking in God's grace.

But to remember the beautiful sunlight
Shining like a halo behind his head,
With his sweet, holy eyes in my sight,
And hair like golden thread.

Oh, that smile so white and bright
Out shined the sun for a second.
I knew he was the right,
And thought i was dreaming for three seconds.

No comprehension of his words,
Still, i responded and my soul worshiped the sound of his voice.
Oh, and when he briefly touched me,
All barriers fell and my soul rejoiced.

Now, he is my one true love,
And i thank God, you see.
A prayer descending from heaven above,
I thought an angel stood before me.

- Lisa Ely

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Lord Gives The Song

Sometimes a song comes and goes like the wind
But when it comes to you, it is your friend.
Helping you chisel time down while you work or play;
And sometimes the words change to get you through the day.
Sometimes the song is a comfort indeed.
The Lord gives the song
For the song gives the hope you need.

-Lisa Ely

Monday, August 10, 2015


I wake up every morning
With a song in my heart.
The Lord who made me
Also causes my sins to depart.
I cannot eat one meal
Without being thankful to Him.
And when I rest
I remember His words again.
He will not be leaving me
By myself or alone;
His presence conceals me
And His smile is shown.
My life and gifts i devote
To the God who cares,
Listens and provides.
In His words He declares
That He will always abide.

-Lisa Ely

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

God is With Me

I will put my trust in the Lord.
He has never failed me.
He has proven Himself worthy
 Of all my hope and confidence.
He has made provisions for all
 My days and is present with me.
The Lord has put a rock beneath my feet
 And a song in my soul.
My heart flows with the melody
 His words have placed within me.
I cannot stop thanking Him,
 Nor can i forget His promises.
God is with me.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

I Will Not Be Content

My eyes will not be content
Until they behold His face.
My ears will not be content
Until they hear His voice.
My spirit will not be content
Until it feel His love towards me.
My hands will not be content
Until they touch the streets of His kingdom.
My body will not be content
Until His touch heals it.
My mind will not be content
Until He gives it peace.
I will not be content
Until I live these things.

-Lisa Ely

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Promise

Our King shall return
To rule and bless His people.
His throne will be higher
Than any church steeple.
His face will shine and illuminate our land.
He will rule with a strong but gentle hand.
Oh, yes, He will return that day,
Embracing us while wiping tears away.
Happiness shall cover all the Earth,
Ass we thank the Father for our rebirth.
'Sing to Him! Sing!' I will shout.
Thank God for the end of unbelief and doubt.
Open you arms and greet all your brethren,
For now you are home, a citizen of Heaven.

-Lisa Ely
Dear Holy Spirit
(a song after becoming born again)

Dear Holy Spirit,
I pray this night,

Come live in me,
With your light so bright.

Teach me to love you,
And draw me nigh.

Dear Holy Spirit,
Hear my heart's cry.

-Lisa Ely

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Let Us Come Together

Let us come together
To the Spirit that gives us life;
To the same Spirit that binds us
And destroys our strife.
Let us drink His Spirit in
Like water from on high.
Let us be empowered within,
Let us praise the One who came to die.
Let us open mouth and heart
To the only God above.
Let us learn hatred no more
And worship the only God of Love.

-Lisa Ely

Monday, July 6, 2015

A Letter to Orphans, to the Little Ones

Loving your near
And loving you far.
Longing to hold you in my arms:
Wanting and waiting
Just to tell you of Him...
The Son of God,
And also your big brother : Jesus.
Maybe my tears will fall down as seeds
And grow some joy to send
To all children without
MOM and DAD.
I dare not call you orphans,
For God is you Father
Who truly loves you
And waits for you.
So follows the footsteps of Jesus
Home, Little Ones.
Home to a loving Father and a heaven full of parents.
I am loving you near,
I am loving you far.
In spirit, i hold you in my arms.

-Lisa D. Ely

Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Poem to Mary Magdalene, Who the Angels Kept Alive

I know now, you are well,
Ne'rmore on the sea.
Ne'rmore in that cave
With angles to feed thee.

I know now, you are blessed.
Ever beholding His face.
Ever hearing His voice,
In His heavenly place.

I know now, you are smiling
Without anxiety,
Without any threat;
Perhaps, smiling down at me.

I know now, you still live
Not just in glory above,
But also in me
With all the Master's love.

-Lisa D. Ely
If Love Be Bondage

If love be bondage,
Let bondage be.

For my soul's desire 
Is to be with Thee.

Place Thy chains upon me,
The chains of joy and bliss:

And complete now my bondage
With a vow and a kiss.

If love be bondage,
Let bondage be.

For life can be no
Sweeter without Thee.

-Lisa D. Ely
Break My Heart In Two

Break my heart in two.
It is no longer one but twain.

Break my heart in two,
And behold love's stain.

Break my heart in two.
Just more to love thee for.

Break my heart in two.
I will forgive and love thee more.

Break my heart in two,
To see what God my see.

Break my heart in two.
God will mend and restore me.

-Lisa D. Ely