Sunday, August 23, 2015

I Thought an Angel Stood Before Me
(A poem i wrote about what it was like for me the first time i ever met my Husband)

I thought an angel stood before me
And showed his adoring face.
When i realized, when i could see,
He was a man walking in God's grace.

But to remember the beautiful sunlight
Shining like a halo behind his head,
With his sweet, holy eyes in my sight,
And hair like golden thread.

Oh, that smile so white and bright
Out shined the sun for a second.
I knew he was the right,
And thought i was dreaming for three seconds.

No comprehension of his words,
Still, i responded and my soul worshiped the sound of his voice.
Oh, and when he briefly touched me,
All barriers fell and my soul rejoiced.

Now, he is my one true love,
And i thank God, you see.
A prayer descending from heaven above,
I thought an angel stood before me.

- Lisa Ely

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