Sunday, October 25, 2015


Soften now, hard times
And be gone, thou past.
Let today be grief's last.
Be ever dry, river of tears.
Diminish now, pain that was begotten.
Awaken, thou happiness that was forgotten.
Evict Hell from all my soul.
Stamp out, thou fiery trials.
Die and bury all that defiles.
Come now, happiness.
Run to, thou praise
And remain worship, all my days.
Multiply, good tree
That in past was bare.
Flower and fruit that i may share.
Behold, now peace,
Comfort and thanksgiving
And receive gratitude for all living.
Pleasure; go to visit my Father's smile.
Holy pride, come forth from God above.
Embrace comfort, joy and love.

-Lisa Ely

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