Tuesday, October 6, 2015


Go away bad thoughts.
Melt away pain.
I long to see thee no more again.
Hinder me no more, my fears.
Dry up, river of dreaded tears.
Die thou pain, from prior years.
Show thy face no more, i pray.
Bruise my heart no more this day.
Rise now, my spirit from chambers down deep.
Awaken thou Courage from where you sleep.
Be lifted up now my broken heart.
Let not His Holy Spirit depart.
Wallow not Self, in pity and sorrow.
For this day may be the last tomorrow.
Be still now Panic, and return to hell.
Now, i lift up myself from where i fell.
May the Wicked trouble me no more.
I pray my Lord, restore, restore.

-Lisa Ely

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